Paint the Town Moroccan, 2012

Paint the Town Moroccan Exhibition

Spitaleri Gallery and Atrium Gallery, April 1 – May 28, 2012

In honor of the Academy Art Museum’s Paint the Town Moroccan! Fundraiser on May 5, a new three part Moroccan Exhibition has been installed.

The largest component of the show features mixed media pieces by Hamid Kachmar that draw upon the traditions of North Africa to create compelling symbolic forms. A second group of objects features traditional, intricately carved doors and screens on loan from The World Bank Art Program. The architectural elements reflect the strong craft traditions of Morocco. Finally, two photographs by Moroccan-born artist Lalla Essaydi, on loan from the International Finance Corporation, combine Arabic calligraphy and a strong contemporary esthetic.

The mixed media pieces of Hamid Kachmar reflect his inner view and understanding of the indigenous Amazigh visual language through patterns and symbols.

From the artist’s perspective, he seeks to convey the perceptual language of patterns and symbols represented in Amazigh cultural objects, especially the finely woven tapestry.

He has had numerous exhibitions in the USA as well as in Canada, France, Spain and Morocco. Many pieces have found their way into private collections.

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