Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass Memorial (Presentation model)
2006, plaster and paint

Jay Hall Carpenter: Sculptor of the Frederick Douglass Monument

June 16 - July 17, 2011

In conjunction with the unveiling of the new monument in honor of Frederick Douglass in Easton, Maryland on June 18, 2011, the Academy Art Museum presents an exhibition of works by the sculptor of the statue, Jay Hall Carpenter. A number of the objects in the show relate directly to the Douglass project, while others reflect Carpenter’s career as an artist.

Carpenter is a well-established artist who specializes in realistic representation of the human figure. He honed his craft over two decades as a sculptor for the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. There he designed hundreds of sculptures to adorn the building including many angel, grotesques and gargoyles. Today, Carpenter works on a variety of public and private projects for a range of clients such as Canterbury Cathedral, the State of Maryland, the Smithsonian Institution, and numerous American churches.

The Museum’s exhibition includes models of two gargoyles for the National Cathedral, a maquette for the Jim Henson memorial at the University of Maryland, and life-size model of the biblical figure of Bartholomew among other works. A selection of pieces relate to the genesis and development of the Frederick Douglass monument. These include the original competition model, full-size plaster casts, and drawings and carving samples of the inscription.

The exhibition is sponsored in part by the Maryland State Arts Council and the Talbot County Arts Council.

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