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The Exhibition Program incorporates major works from national and regional museums as well as works from the Academy Art Museum's own collection.

National collaborations have included work from the Smithsonian, The Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum, and the National Gallery of Art.

The Myth Makers in Maryland: The Mighty Merganser
From November 5, 2016
Avian Inspirations:
Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein (the Myth Makers)

November 19, 2016 - February 26, 2017
Jacob Kainen: Washington Colorist
November 19, 2016 - February 26, 2017
Nanny Trippe:
Trees, Majesty and Mystery

December 3, 2016 - February 26, 2017
The American Society of Marine Artists 17th National Exhibition
December 10, 2016 - April 2, 2017

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Past Exhibitions


Tidewater Camera Club: Flight
Recent Acquisitions
Annual Members Exhibition Forms
Selections from the Grover Batts Collection
Peter Milton: Living Old Master
Ernie Satchell: A Few of MY Favorite Things
Student Art Exhibition

Brooke Rogers: In the Offing
Art for Thought: Ruth Starr Rose
Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty


John Ruppert: Grounded
The Art of Greg Mort: Selections from the Hickman Bequest II
Bill Viola: The Dreamers
Ellen Hill: Life Lines
Africa Now: Sub-Saharan Artwork from the World Bank
Mid-Shore Student Exhibition
Martha Hudson: Retrospective
Frederick Hammersley II
From Rubens to the Grand Tour
Ray Turner: Population
Rosemary Cooley: World View
Carol Minarick: Beowulf and A Series-That-Is-Not-a-Series
Annual Members' Exhibition
Japanese Prints from the Silverman Collection
Ken Schiano: Intuited Geometries
Working Artists Forum
Robert Rauschenberg: Kyoto, Sri Lanka, And Thai Drawings
ROCI Road to Peace: Experiments in the Unfamiliar
Robert Rauschenberg: ROCI Works from the National Gallery of Art
Academy Art Museum Faculty Exhibition


Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture of the Interior
Frank Weston Benson: Prints from the Bob Keller Collection
Light Tidewater Camera Club
Moscow Studio: Russian Prints from the Permanent Collection
Mary Ann Schindler: Totems and Touchstones
The Annual Members' Exhibition
Jay Lagemann: The Language of Motion
Jay Lagemann: Small Sculptures

Bryan Collier, Illustrator: Celebrating Juneteenth
From Bierstadt to Wyeth: American Landscapes from a Private Collection Wood Transformed: The Art of Vicco von Voss
Ann Krestensen: Clay as a Canvas
Linn Meyers: Blue Study
East Meets West: Contemporary Japanese Prints from the UMUC Collection
Katja Oxman: Aquatint Etchings


Bobbie Seger: Painting with Nature
Mid-Shore Student Art Exhibition
Chul Hyun Ahn: Perceiving Infinity
Eva Lundsager: Elsewhere
Anne Truitt at the Academy Art Museum
Melo Minnella: Siciliana
Faculty Exhibition
Patient Art Show - Hospital Center, State and Mental Health Facility Cambridge
Selections from The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection

Joint Heritage at Wye House

These Places That I Know: David A. Douglas

Working Artists Forum
Annual Members' Exhibition
Cedar Colonnade by Howard and Mary McCoy
Jan Kirsh: Forms from the Garden
James Turrell Perspectives


Contemporary Realists: The Art of David and James Plumb
The Art of Greg Mort: Selections from the Hickman Bequest
Katherine K. Allen: Meditation on Nature in Paint and Stitch
Annual Mid-Shore Student Art Exhibitions
Animal Prints by Helen Siegl from the Permanent Collection
The Art of Seating: Two Hundred Years of American Design
International Photographic Society of the IMF and the World Bank Group:
Women and Children in the World

1000 Words or Less... A Pictorial Essay
Pat Steir: A View
Mesdag to Mondrian: Dutch Art from the Redelé Collection
Mark Leithauser: Nature and Illusion
An Englishman Abroad: Oil Paintings by Matthew Hillier
The Annual Members' Exhibition
Calvert Gallery: New Acquisitions 2012
Tom Miller: Celebrating Juneteenth
Annual Mid-Shore Student Art Exhibition
Healy Gallery: Anima Mundi: Drawings by Rebecca Clark
Selections & Atrium Gallery: Philip McMartin Rediscovered
Spitaleri Gallery and Atrium Gallery: Paint the Town Moroccan Exhibition
Museum Courtyard: Branch Dance, by environmental artists Howard and Mary McCoy
Mark Rothko: Selections from the National Gallery of Art
Kyung-Lim Lee: The Order of Contemplation
Patrick Henry: Ephemeral Moments
Out on a Limb: Forests and Trees from the Permanent Collection


Dotti Heimert
André Kertész: On Reading
Portrait Paintings from the Permanent Collection
Recent Aquisitions
Working Artist Forum
Plein Air Paintings from the Permanent Collection
Modernist Inclinations: The Art of Jan Matulka
Color Works: Pastel Paintings by Katie Cassidy
Focus on Flowers: The Photography of Richard Paul Weiblinger
Jay Hall Carpenter: Sculptor of the Frederick Douglass Monument
The Annual Members' Exhibition 2011
Jacob Lawrence: Toussaint L’Ouverture Series of Prints
Lisa Breslow: Cityscapes / Landscapes
Sylvia Gottwald: Cultured Designs
Annual Mid-Shore Student Art Exhibition 2011
Old Master Paintings: Narratives for Inspiration
Artist Made Books: Ebby Malmgren, Students & Peers


Highlights from the Academy Art Museum’s Permanent Collection
Images from the Bible: Wood Engravings by Fritz Eichenberg
Recent Acquisitions: Black & White Photography
Constructed Spaces: Contemporary Color Photography
Oyster Plates from Fisherman's Inn
Steve McCurry: Afghanistan Photographs
Fifty Works for Maryland: Collecting the Vogel Way
Michael Patrick Harrigan: Balancing Drawings and Sculpture
Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Glimpse at His Work
The Annual Members' Exhibition 2010
Photographic Processes from the Last 150 Years
Mid-Shore Student Art Exhibition 2010
Tidewater Camera Club Member's Exhibition
Akemi Maegawa: Hybrid Forms
Modern Drawings: Tracing 100 years


Eugene Boudin: From Plein Air to Impressionism
The Washington Color Painters
Sculptural Works by the Washington Colorfield
Photographs from the 1950s Until Now: The Collection in Focus
Artists from the New Deal
Bennard Perlman: A Painting Survey, 1946-2008
Picturing America 1930-1960: Photographs from The BMA
Inside the Box: Constructions and Assemblages
One World: The Art of Greg Mort
Extraordinary Images: Portrait Painting in the 19th Century
Making Art: Explorations in Process
Exploring Childhood: Prints by Arielle Marks


Monumental Forms: Drawings, Models and Sculpture by Albert Paley
Patronage and the Museum Collection: A Half-Century of Gifts
Silversmith Michael Brophy
Celebrating 50 Years: Recent Gifts to the Academy Art Museum
Landscape Paintings from The Baltimore Museum of Art
European and American Prints
Academy Art Museum Partnership with National Gallery of Art
Marietta Hoferer: Off the Grid
Amy Lamb: Botanical Portraits


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