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Erik 2014 has begun auspiciously for the Academy Art Museum. Two major initiatives have been completed successfully. We have created a new digital studio in the space that was once a photography darkroom on the second floor. The change is dramatic and symbolic. We now have a bright open space that will be dedicated to the new media of our age, beginning but certainly not limited to digital photography. I would like to thank the trustees past and present who supported this project, including Richard Bodorff, Richard Granville, Frank Kittredge, Patricia Spitaleri, and Al Sikes. We also received important advice and inspiration from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), in particular from Tom Hyatt. It is essential that the Museum keep abreast of developments in the visual arts if we are to fulfill our mission. I encourage you to come upstairs and take a look and consider taking a class this spring.

The other major accomplishment in recent months has been the completion of the $1 million Endowment Challenge. As I have written before, an anonymous donor wished to encourage planned giving and raise awareness of the importance of growing the Museum’s Endowment for its long-term stability. His donation will be in the form of a bequest. Many donors followed his lead and have included the Academy Art Museum in their estate plans. At least as many donors have made cash pledges to be paid immediately or over the next few years. We are appreciative of all these generous gifts that have come in over and above the Museum’s Annual Appeal.

Finally this month, I want to highlight our volunteers, beginning with our Board of Trustees. These individuals provide so much more than financial support for the Museum. They are the guardians of this precious cultural resource and I am continually impressed by their seriousness of purpose and their generosity with time and expertise. We also have many volunteers who help with openings, concerts, trips, special events, man the front desk, and assist in the activities of various departments. If volunteering at the Museum appeals to you, then I encourage you to contact us to join this special group of people who help to make the Museum run each and every day.


Erik H Neil

Erik H. Neil, Director

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