Board Members

Board of TRUSTEES: 2014-2015

Kay Perkins, Chairman
Alfred Sikes, Vice Chairman
Carolyn Williams, Secretary
Robert Lonergan, Treasurer

Katherine Allen
Nancy Appleby
Warren Cox
Joyce Doehler
Jocelyn Eysymontt
Holly Fine
Katherine Gilson
Amy Haines
Rodanthe Hanrahan
Maureen Herbert
Simma Liebman
Kathleen Linehan
Doris Fischer Malesardi
Lisa Morgan
Brendan O'Neill
Susan Phillips
Nancy Powell
Patricia Saul
Joseph Schulman
Richard Scobey
Tom D. Seip
J. T. Smith
Judith Stansbury
Debbie Willse
Bruce Wiltsie
Timothy Wyman

Emeriti Trustees

Joan W. Cox
Richard C. Granville
Susan Hamilton
Bette Kenzie
Frank Kittredge
Paul W. Makosky
Patricia Roche
Paul C. Wilson
Dick Bodorff

Honorary Trustees

Arnold L. Lehman
Earl ‘Rusty’ Powell
James Turrell


As we wrap up the final quarter of our program/fiscal year 2014, we have much to celebrate: exhilarating exhibitions; advanced art classes and expanded education programs for our youth and adults; acquisitions for our permanent collections; a dynamic roster of speakers for our Kittredge-Wilson Speakers Series; and art excursions to sample amazing public and private collections—from as near as Washington, DC to as far away as Los Angeles and Sicily. A brief glance through this quarterly will alert you to the equally exceptional opportunities planned for the year ahead.

On the financial front, the news is rosy as well. You, our generous donors, stepped forward to meet this year's $1 million endowment challenge—an historic accomplishment for AAM! Thanks to you as well, we have raised more gifts for the Annual Fund than ever while also increasing by 20% our net from "Celebrate the Duke," the Museum's annual May fundraiser. At the same time, the Museum continues our tradition of maintaining a modest balanced operating budget.

During FY 2014, we also undertook a successful feasibility study, which helped inform a revised and vibrant strategic plan. We look forward to more robust programs in Museum space repurposed to meet growing constituent engagement. Our new Digital Studio, for example, is now operational. We invite you to take a new class, learn a new skill, and stay tuned as we roll out additional strategic initiatives in the year ahead.

All of the above has been accomplished under the creative leadership of our Director Erik Neil, his talented and hardworking staff, and a Board of Trustees committed to providing the support needed to move the Museum forward. You too—our incredibly dedicated Members and extraordinary donors—are essential partners in our success. Thank you for your commitment and your gracious generosity of time, talent, and financial support!

As well known by now, Erik has accepted an exceptional position at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. We thank him for all he has accomplished here to enhance our cultural experiences, tickle our senses, and solidify the Academy Art Museum's reputation as one of the country's premier regional arts museum. We wish him and his family, all of whom will be missed, great success as they embark on their exciting adventure.

In the meantime, we have embarked on our exciting adventure insearch of Erik's replacement with every confidence that our next Director will guide the Academy Art Museum to ever-higher levels of service to our community!


Kay Perkins, Chairman, Board of Trustees.


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