Board Members

Board of TRUSTEES: 2014-2015

Kay Perkins, Chairman
Alfred Sikes, Vice Chairman
Carolyn Williams, Secretary
Dirck Bartlett, Treasurer

Katherine Allen
Nancy Appleby
Warren Cox
Joyce Doehler
Jocelyn Eysymontt
Holly Fine
Katherine Gilson
Amy Haines
Rodanthe Hanrahan
Maureen Herbert
Simma Liebman
Kathleen Linehan
Robert Lonergan
Doris Malesardi
Lisa Morgan
Brendan O'Neill
Susan Phillips
Nancy Powell
Patricia Saul
Joseph Schulman
Richard Scobey
Tom D. Seip
J. T. Smith
Judith Stansbury
Debbie Willse
Bruce Wiltsie
Timothy Wyman

Emeriti Trustees

Joan W. Cox
Richard C. Granville
Susan Hamilton
Bette Kenzie
Frank Kittredge
Paul W. Makosky
Patricia Roche
Paul C. Wilson

Honorary Trustees

Arnold L. Lehman
Earl A. Powell III
James Turrell


By the time you read this, we will be well into the 2014-2015 Kittredge- Wilson Speaker Series. Launched in 2011 by Dick Bodorff in honor of two über Trustees, Frank Kittredge and Paul Wilson, the Speaker Series brings world-class lecturers to the Eastern Shore to enrich our spirits and broaden our minds.

This season was inaugurated by Jonathan Bober, Head of the Department of Old Master Prints at the National Gallery of Art, who gave us the behind-the-scenes story of how the Academy Art Museum managed to acquire prints by Rembrandt and Picasso. Bober's brilliant lecture made a relatively esoteric subject interesting and accessible. He helped us understand the importance of our Rembrandt and Picasso prints, which are hanging in the Spitaleri Gallery. You must see them ASAP and again and again.

On October 24, we were graced by the presence of Lord Palumbo of Walbrook and Lady Hayat Palumbo who told us what it is like actually to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Have you ever wondered where to hang your towel or park your tennis shoes in a house governed by overarching abstract geometric order? We learned this and more at the lecture.

November 20 brings us screening of the documentary film Extreme Realities, produced by Emmy-Award winning filmmakers Marilyn and Hal Weiner and narrated by Academy-Award winner Matt Damon. This one-hour documentary explores the relationship between extreme weather events and threats to our national security. Are you worried about climate change and global warming? Come see this film.

Speaking of climate change, don't go to Florida in January. Or please be back by January 15, when distinguished scholar Lynn H. Nichols will tell us the real story behind the Monuments Men, who rescued masterpieces stolen by Nazis during World War II. Her book, The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe's Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War, was awarded the National Book Critics Circle Award and, according to The Washington Post, is "a scholarly work that reads like a gripping adventure story." I have read the book, and I can tell you it is riveting.

My favorite waiting-in-the-wings is Stephen Campbell, Professor of Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art and Chair of Department of History of Art at Johns Hopkins University. I have taken four courses from Professor Campbell. He is a prodigious scholar and an erudite speaker. He is coming to Easton sometime in late winter/early spring 2015 to talk about "travelers in Renaissance Italy." Please do help us welcome Professor Campbell to Easton.

Last but not least is our own Anke Van Wagenburg, who on May 14, 2015 will discuss an exhibition on Peter Paul Rubens that she is curating at our Museum next spring. This exhibition is an amazing achievement for a small regional museum like ours – hats off to Anke – and I avidly await her commentary.

Individual tickets are $15 per person for Museum members and $20 per person for non-members.

People who could live anywhere in the world choose to live in Talbot County. The Academy Art Museum is one reason why.

Carolyn Williams, Secretary, Board of Trustees


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