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Welcome to ArtReach!

The Academy Art Museum reaches out to schools and community groups to offer meaningful field trips in conjunction with its exhibitions. The program uses fine arts as a curricular bridge to culture, language arts, science and history.


The arts offer opportunities for thinking, planning, experimenting... and rethinking when projects don't turn out as planned.  The skills that art-making teaches can be applied to just about any endeavor. Many students learn best through hands-on projects and retain fond memories of field trips that give them the opportunity to express themselves.

A typical ArtReach experience includes a gallery tour, a gallery game or activity, and a related art or language arts project. Projects are tweaked to appeal to all grade levels. Adult groups can enjoy adult-level projects or learn how to make art meaningful for children. The Museum’s Director of ArtReach and Community Programs, Constance Del Nero, can tailor programs to individual groups’ needs and design appropriate projects.


Budget woes? No problem! There is no charge for this program. The Academy Art Museum also pays for transportation costs and provides project materials for students in Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester or Queen Anne’s counties.

ArtReach is offered to the Mid-Shore community by the Museum to enrich and educate the lives of its citizens. The program is funded by the Museum with the help of foundation and corporate sponsors. For more information about the Museum’s ArtReach program, contact Constance at

We can tailor the exhibition tour to all ages and ability levels including special-needs. Contact the ArtReach director to make arrangements for your class!

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